When I was around age 7/8, painting and drawing became a passion along with reading. Unfortunately, my dad didn’t think things like that were important. He preferred me to cleaning and learning to cook, school work came after. Growing up I remember hiding sketches and drawings, if he saw them I would get punished. He use to say that if I had time for that then I had time to clean. I know no parent gets a guidebook as how to raise their children, so I can’t judge him on his ideas. But now I can only imagine if I would have stayed consistent to a passion that now is only just a hobby. Perhaps I would have gotten really good at it, perhaps have gone to art school. But all these perhaps mean nothing now. I just wished more parents understood how important it is to allow a child to develop their passion. Maybe that is what leads me to wanting to be a teacher, to help children develop their creative minds, along with learning. To be the one to encourage them, and let them know how amazing their individual talents are.

-Note To Self

10 thoughts on “Why I paint..

  1. This is me. I wasn’t denied the privilege as you were but it was pounded into my head (metaphorically) that art would never make me money and I needed a realistic career path. Not going to art school is something I regret everyday. I’m not making the same mistake with my daughter.

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  2. I didn’t get a lot of support either but I went to art school anyway…paid my own way, don’t make a lot of money…but I love what I do everyday… there’s more to life than dollars… it’s never to late to go… Scot

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      1. painting with your children is a wonderful way to get close to them and for them to be free to express themselves, I have two boys of my own and its always great to watch them create, it inspires me….

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  3. This post is heartrending, don’t sweat it, I know you did not intend it to be. But perhaps, had you been encouraged in your passion, you would have encountered other opposing factors other than dad. I feel that it wasn’t right what he did, but life is funny, full of irony. It thrives on excuses and Drama. Regrets, because they validate our being. Coulda woulda shoulda. I don’t say you wallow in this. Trust me. But alls I say is wait upon God’s assessment of your obstacles. My experience with you is that God can work with you. Thanks for such a lovely post.

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