Some of the most vulnerable, meaningful things in life are done blindly. Like loving, trusting, and having faith. Our society today teaches a person that if you don’t see, you don’t believe it. To always prepare for the worst to come, but what kind of way is that to live. Why not have a little faith, why not have the chance to truly know what love is like, and to be able to trust another. Perhaps everyone else is waiting and wishing for the same thing, someone to give them a chance.Isn’t it better to step outside the box, I’m not saying having trust, loving or having faith in someone comes easy, but I believe life is better than what society leads you to believe.

-Note To Self


Fall breeze

Walked out of class today and I felt a little chill breeze and the sound of dried up fallen leaves tumbling around the floor. To me that was a moment of joy, fall is pretty much here and pumpkins will be decors all over.