Who else is is excited for Outlander. And for this Outlander box šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜



Not so easy

It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s that I don’t know how, or what exactly it is to open up. I feel my thoughts are too wild for even the most open minded. 

Fall breeze

Walked out of class today and I felt a little chill breeze and the sound of dried up fallen leaves tumbling around the floor. To me that was a moment of joy, fall is pretty much here and pumpkins will be decors all over. 

One of my obsessionsĀ 

I love reading, and I just love libraries. But when I found this one, it was like walking into a candy store. If you ever have traveled and you’re Hearts Castle in California, then you know. This place, the detail, the money spent here, my goodness. Amazing. 

I tossed them

Yup, I did, after having a very terrifying experience with one of my boys. I asked my self is it worth it, are they worth keeping. Bottom line, I tossed them away. No more anxiety pills, just like that. If and when I get an anxiety attack, I will just have to manage on my own. But the panick and fear and everything in between I felt that day, I don’t regret it. I don’t rely on them to survive so clearly, I don’t need them that bad. So no more pills, not even the ones I carry for emergency in my bag. Every single bottle is gone, and right now I feel great about it. 

Add to my playlist

Any suggestions for some good calming music to go to sleep to? I tend to sleep with my headphones on, I know it’s bad, but then I can’t help it. before I use to sleep with the radio low next to my head then headphones with the wire plugged into and so on… I’ve done this since I was little. But I want to get some new music added, so I’m open to any suggestions? ??