There is a creeper roaming around me,

I can feel the density of it,

The pressure on my chest.

It seems it has decided to cause more damage,

It’s digging itself into my chest,

It’s knife twisting and turning to make room.

The invasion has left me vulnerable,

My insides are at its disposal.

It strips my breaths so it itself can breathe,

It has placed a welcome mat,

It stays until boredom hits.

The pressure subsides,

I can breathe again,

Though I know it will come back to its home.

In the poem Unwelcome Invader, I used shifts to create perspective from two different

viewpoints. The first one is on first person, “there is a creeper roaming around me”. In this line the

narrator which is I, am explaining how I feel something that causes fear. I’m fully aware of its presence

and what it is capable of doing. The next shift is “it seems it has decided to cause more damage”. Here I

switch from first person to third person view point, to show the intruders behavior. The “it” which has

no name, switched from just a presence around to aggressive. The aggressive behavior has resulted in it

to cause massive pain in search for something that it needs or wants. The third shift, “my insides are at

its disposal”, here I switch back to first person to show the readers how I am feeling to this invasion. To

let readers, know that there was no fight, that I could do nothing to prevent it from doing what it wants.

The fourth shift, “It strips my breaths so it itself can breathe”, I switch back to third person to show readers again what “It” is doing. “It”, has found what it was searching for, and because of that it has

made itself a home. Where it can choose to leave and come back whenever it pleases. The final shift is,

“the pressure subsides”, where I end in first person. The last shift is meant to tell the readers, how much

control “It” has, and how it’s not in constant aggression. It allows the host to have relief, so it can keep

sustaining the life for “It”. The host which is I, is aware of this temporary relief, “though I know it will

come back to its home” and that “It” is here to stay.

The sound I used in this poem was meant to make the reader feel the pain, the anger and fear.

So that readers can have a better understanding, by they themselves also being able to relate in a sense.

By using the word “creeper”, it allows readers to be aware that it is something to be feared and be

aware of. I also used “digging” and “twisting”, to show the aggressive behavior of “It”. And the word

“stripping” so the readers are aware that something harsh is happening. The sounds of those words

were meant to create the emotions I mentioned.

I used shifts and sound, to show readers the physical and emotional relationship. Though most

will probably assume the poem is about one form of invasion, though it can relate to other forms of

invasion; like in this poem which is about an anxiety attack. The meaning of this poem is to show readers

how anxiety attacks just start. How the person has no control of when or where, they have no physical

control from preventing. People who live with anxiety attacks are aware they will keep occurring but

have to manage to live with them anyways.


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