Can I talk to you, can you put your phone down, I am aware it’s work and it’s important. But because of the lack of my ability to share my thoughts and feelings, I hope you understand how important right now is. I want to open up and let you inside my mind for a brief moment, so you can understand me better, so you can see how hurt I am. I just want to say that, even though I act like things don’t’ affect me, your words do. Your words hurt because your words matter, because you matter. So when you attack my actions and my persona, you do an unchangeable damage. You hurt my self esteem, my ego, my heart even. Could you be more careful, could you be more gentle, could you be more understanding. Understand that when I share something is not when you ask, but when I feel I’m ready to speak. This doesn’t come easy, so bare with me.

-Note To Self


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