It’s been a while, so suppose I can write about it now. When your ego, and your character gets stabbed at it’s easier to just walk away. I know you felt it, I tried not to, but lets face the fact, we both felt it. It was close, a little too close perhaps. I have a terrible habit that when someone cries, I cannot help but laugh. When you were being serious with me, I couldn’t  help but just laugh. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s just out of my comfort zone and made me feel really uncomfortable. I was  more mad at the fact that your words had an effect on me. I was angry that I actually felt the need to cry. I get over things so easily, so I knew it wasn’t so much the words or actions. It was that feeling I had from it, that made me so angry. Not again, and I repeat, not again.

-Note To Self


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