Don’t pick one part of you, pick all of you. Do you realize how uniquely beautiful each one of us is. It is difficult to not compare ourselves to celebrities or those fitness people on social media. How hard it is to avoid the constant commercials about improving our selves, from diets, teeth whitening, to gym memberships, to tummy tucks and the list goes on. Just when you begin to tell yourself you look good, here comes on a commercial, or a picture everyone liked on social media on some person that is perfectly fit. It gives you an urge to avoid that next meal, or even worse, stuff your face with unhealthy food. People say love yourself, if you don’t like how you look, then do something about it. Well easier said then done, routines are difficult to break or to even begin. So stop beating yourself up, because you constantly fail at keeping a workout routine, or the diet meal plan. We all want to look like the ideal perfect, to have everything we wear fit nicely, but you know what, reality, you are not alone. Clothes don’t fit us perfectly, either too long, too short, to loose, too tight, etc. We are built differently, some with broad shoulders, some bigger boobs, small butts, wider thighs, etc… So when you look in the mirror, and you are looking for something about yourself that you like most. Choose All Of You… Everything about you is beautiful, everything about you is gorgeous or handsome. Everything, from the inside out about you is amazing. If you feel for a moment sad about your appearance, remember, you and your mind and heart, are a gorgeous thing to behold. I’m telling you, You are gorgeous, you are handsome..

-Note To Self

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