The memory of burning wood takes me back to a time and place I wished I could rewind time to.. It has been 10 years since I have gone to my home town in Mexico, and I truly do miss it. Unfortunately with all the hustle and bustle of life , I haven’t been able to go. And most likely it will be a while longer before I get to go, need my boys to get a bit older and Mexico to be safer to travel to. But that wood burning smell, man , I know it may seem weird but I find it so comforting, so peaceful. Reminds me of how simple things can be and how for a moment, I want to look up at the sky and just stare at the blinking stars. To allow my mind to drift away and forget I am surrounded by buildings, and cars and people on cell phones. But to drift to a land of green, trees, fresh beautiful flowers, and the old fashion heating up cows milk on a wood burning stove. The mugs aren’t white with funny  words imprinted in them, but rather are blue with splashes of white paint. Gosh how I miss that time, and how dumb of me to not have valued such moments 10 years ago. How there are racks on the wall for the large amount of mugs to hang along with all the pots. And breakfast consists of hot coffee with a warm sweet bread, and freshly made tortillas. The no internet signal, and the no t.v. but rather an old stereo bringing life to the old fashion home. And the long dinning table of mismatched chairs where everyone sits together and talks about anything and everything. Take me back to that time, where I didn’t value such beauty and simplicity so I can take full advantage of such a  time with family.

Note To Self

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