Physical pain is one thing, it can get real bad, and take time to heal.

Mental pain however is another thing, that one takes a longer process to heal, leaving more then a scar. The body doesn’t shed tears to demonstrate how weak or vulnerable it is to pain, but rather a reaction to how much one can endure. Tears are a display of strength, and courage. To be honest this goes to those that hold the pain, hold the tears, hold the breakdowns, not the ones that constantly cry over everything they find hurtful. People that hold in the pain are the ones that avoid attention, pity, and don’t need constant reassurance that everything is going to be ok. To the ones that are so mentally strong that crying is only when their bodies can no longer take the beatings. To the ones that handle the situations first and leave the breakdowns for after everything is done and finished. Maybe that’s what leads to anxiety attacks, that the body finally had enough and it needs to release the overwhelming emotions sooner than one is ready for. Who knows, I don’t know, it’s just my guess. At least to me that’s how I feel about moments like those. The moments where tears need to be shed, and the body needs to curl in a ball on the floor and hold one-self for a moment. Don’t cry often, but when I do, I truly feel it was the right time to allow it, the right time so the body can revive itself and take on another load of challenges…

-Note To Self

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