Always up for some enlightenment.

To understand why some people feel the need to have a cold hearted personality on the outside, one would have to walk in their shoes , I assume. Because as of right now, I don’t understand it? What is the necessity of having that kind of outer personality, is it fear?Fear of being hurt, back stabbed, misunderstood, judged, used? What is the problem with being open? Smiling to everyone you encounter, having small talks with people? What’s the problem with giving new acquaintances an opportunity to know you, be part of your life? What is the fear? Has society become that scares, that limited, that the belief is that everyone is out to harm you in one way or another? That people no longer have kind intentions, if so, then what does that say about you? Are you one of those? Is that your intention? If a new acquaintance has nothing to offer you or your life, you don’t see the need for any shape way or form of allowing a friendship exist. Society at one point was so open, so kind, so inviting. What happened? It seems society feels everyone is jaded, out to create some form of harm. That kind intentions no longer exist. People on social media post ( if that person is bringing you negativity let them go)( if that person doesn’t bring anything to improve your life, then let them go)( if a person gossips about you, there’s no need for them) You are aware we all gossip! if you say you don’t, then clearly you enjoy lying to yourself. When ever you make a comment about someone you are gossiping, whether it’s a fact, a lie, an assumption, something negative, or something positive. The fact is we all do, so what makes a person feel inferior, and say I don’t like having people that gossip around me? Are you so concern about your image, that you forget that your just like everyone else. Forget that sometimes, you say things about others too. Is that the reason why people feel the need to have a tough exterior, to believe they are inferior to others, to hide the fact that they are just like everyone else. What is difficulty of being open, allowing new people in, new ideas, new behaviors, personalities. I can’t seem to wrap my mind around it? what happened to the kind, intruding society, that made sure your neighbor was ok..? Society has become all about (me)..

-Note To Self

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