definitely a must read, maybe I feel strongly about it because that’s the way I feel about our society

Albert M - My thoughts on the World

A common problem with people is that whilst they may be comfortable in their lives and cannot see anything that directly affects them or their family, they will not upset the status quo in anyway by jumping into the unknown.

It is all to do with divide and rule (conquer)!

Our education system is not geared towards creating a politically active society that will passionately involve itself in politics.

Politics is not part of everyones daily conversation because most people consider it boring either because we have not been actively inspired through our schooling to understand the reality of how important politics is in our lives.

Or, people are so disillusioned with politics because of divide and conquer (rule) and refuse to listen or to get involved in a conversation about politics because it makes them feel angry.

Angry because they feel helpless to change anything and the problems it…

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