For the most part I am fully aware of who I am so why every time I come across my zodiac sign, I stop to read. Do I really need to read it, is it even true, do I really acquire those characteristics or am I a bit of all, or non at all. Yet I read, and for a moment I feel like I fall under the description. (*independent, bold, impulsive, straight forward, try’s new things, competitive, easily bored) Some times I feel that way , other times I don’t feel nothing at all like that… maybe they  mixed it up or maybe I was suppose to be born at some other date or month. What are the point of these? boost ego? confidence? a sense of knowing once self? I don’t know. I am curious.

Lets’ see , impulsive- I think I am but other times I can be quite cautious to my actions.   Independent- I really doubt it, I don’t recall ever actually being on my own, always felt the need to have someone, even when I moved to Vegas, I still had family out there. Bold- yea , sometimes, I say things without thinking twice, sometimes my husband needs to remind me of how harsh a comment sounded, yet I think I bite my tongue quite a bit. Easily bored- yes , it’s why I try to stay occupied, yet I like to do nothing at times.

See my dilemma here, descriptions any one-person can identify with at a certain point, yet because someone out there came up with these , we feel we belong to a certain group and that’s who we are. Hey , can you really argue with something that makes you feel good about yourself. Boosts your ego just bit, gives you an idea of what kind of person you are.

Yet here I am questioning, I can’t seem to be satisfied, that one word identifies everything about me. I don’t think it can. I was always led to believe that we are all individuals, some similarities with few distinctions that make us unique.  So I guess I can allow my self to keep scrolling for more descriptions, allow moments of confidence as I read. At the end of the day I know I am just me. Like no else, just me, and I am ok with that, don’t know what me looks like, I’ll allow my children, my husband, family, and friends describe me . But for a dose of boost,  I will read my zodiac sign posts whenever I scroll through my Pinterest.

-Note To Self

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