What caught my attention?

Lets start with the day being warm, clear blue sky. You, behind the steering wheel, your hands griping to the rubber loop that controlled the vehicle. Your sleeves, rolled up half way, enough to get glimpses of your tattoos you hide, with that blue work button up shirt and tie. Your eyes, glazing to the street up ahead while the suns light reflected off of your glasses. Your face freshly shaved, yet I can distinguish a short hair that managed to avoid getting cut off. Your lips dry, yet still softly pink as you sing. Your voice, as you magically sing every lyric of each song that comes on. How do you memorize it all? That quick smirk, that lifts from the corner of your lips, when you realize I have been staring at you. That peaceful body language you give off. That eyebrow lift, that gives away, that you are about to look at me. What caught my attention? Your inner joy, your optimism, your mind, your indifference, your serenity, your passion, your gestures, your manners, your heart, must I go on… How can you not get caught up into a beautiful soul.

-Note To Self



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