I can no longer see your face, it’s a silhouette now, no longer can I see that smile that once upon a time brought me excitement.

I can’t hear your voice, the one that once distinguished you, and the roughness melted me where I was standing.

I can no longer feel the sensation of your hands on my body, that once blinded so carelessly.

I can no longer feel the pain of emptiness, that left me in shame and regret.

Your memory is gone, your words are gone, just about everything about you is gone.

Yet you are still a ghost of mine, you slip into my memory and dreams, I can only see your shadow now.

10 years, how many more until you are completely gone.

How many more until that scene that plays over and over like a broken record player, vanish from my memories.

Would I even recognize you if I saw you again, would I want to? or would it be easier to turn around and pretend I never knew you.

10 Years, how many more to go?

-Note To Self


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