“Show me your friends, and I will show you your future.”

Many could probably argue this, but I can’t.
I’ve learned this to be true, because the influences you have either make
you want to progress or stay in the same spot.
They change your mind over things, persuade you to try things you
usually wouldn’t. Example my younger sister, she ate a cookie with weed,
she knows how bad it is and what that drug has done to our brothers.
She knows better, yet she was persuaded and for what ever reason, logic went out
the window. I on the other hand, have never been persuaded, my better
judgment has always taken over. I drink , but don’t get drunk, never smoked, never
did drugs. I say bad words but usually when I am just mad and I don’t think
rationally, either then that I can’t get my self to even read a bad word online,
I abbreviate it or spell it out. The people you are around the most, make sure
they are moving forward. people that motivate
you to better your self, your life. That understand something’s
are more important than constantly going out and party. That they support you
and want to improve themselves as well. My friends, I like to believe they go
forward. Family, goals, school, jobs, their way of lives are calm
Maybe I’m just boring, but I like that kind of calm life ,
where you focus on family, jobs, school, life.
That’s probably why I don’t have or hang out with party friends. If

you have your mind set in what you want, stay strong and hold on to it. Don’t

allow anyone to make you change yourself.



-Note To Self

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