Sorry for the poor quality, you can’t see the detail to it. This painting a did a while back for my mother.
Please stop by my page and read ” not sure, right or wrong from my – note to self. Have a wonderful day!

17 thoughts on “She loves purple

      1. If I only knew how to. I’m not computer literate. It took me many years before I ventured into the internet. Also, currently all I have are Ink portraits, as all my final attempts at color artwork were done on commission (sold, gone). I’m not crazy about working with color, I chose the route of ink and pencil. While I surpass my brothers in Portraiture and line, they are outstanding in canvas paintings. I do have one piece of a ink portrait you could find on face book (Miguel Angel Oquendo) though that however is not representative of my ink portraiture skill. I will try and find more of your work on your blog, however.

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      2. oh ok, well you can try doing what I do, take a picture of your art work from your phone, get the wordpress app on your phone and on the menu area where it has media, upload you pictures, down side it does loose some of the detail and color, so you have to use the edit options on your phone or from apps to adjust its sharpness and colors etc,.. hope this helps, I enjoy looks at art pieces from sketches to canvasses and models. but yes definitely stop by and check out some more work of mine

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      3. Oh, listen, think you might like this; I have a saying, came up with it many years back, but because have been publishing it for at least 20 yrs, by now, some might take credit for it, but here’s the thing, why I think you might like it, it goes well with your banner (Imperfection is beauty); “The quest for perfection is born out of imperfection”. Apologize for taking up your time

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      4. Like all else which I blog, I do it for the purpose of helping people, so yes, you’re welcome to use, and if you are able, help to implement it to point some to my blog, for I have a burden for folks with anxiety issues. Thanks, enjoy the use of it.


      5. Listen, by the aforesaid, concerning use of my saying, it doesn’t mean I expect you to work hard at pointing folk to my blog for it’s use, but if you can come up with a way to (infrequently) direct some traffic to my blog, cool, but use it, and don’t sweat it.


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