This is going to be  bit longer then my usual posts, but please keep reading, I truly believe it’s worth it. Last night as I was leaving the parking lot of the grocery store, I saw a man laying on the floor vertical, with his bike and belongings next to him. People had to swerve out of the way to not run him over, Honestly the man looked dead to me, at least I think I know what dead looks like. So as I am driving by, my instincts said, “jess, go make sure this man is alive and ok, and doesn’t need assistance”. I know the dangers to approaching a stranger, I know. I couldn’t help it, I parked a few rows away and walked towards him with phone in hand and pepper spray in the other. Mind this is near the front main entrance where car after car was driving by, so I knew someone had already called the cops. As I am approaching I am thinking how stupid of me, and yet I kept walking. A few feet away I called out to him, eventually after a little while he woke up. He looked drunk maybe, out of it, since he just woke up, who knows. I told the man to move somewhere else to rest, because where he had laid out he could get ran over. He said , ” I will thank you, God bless.” Now, it got me thinking, is it these homeless people go to words? Do hey just naturally say that, or they truly mean it. Do they unlike us, truly thank God every time they wake up, for another day to be alive? I wished I could talk to them, perhaps understand them better. I don’t know. All I know is that I felt terrible seeing no one stopping to check on this man, are we that terrified, that cautious, that we can’t even check on someone. Perhaps because we hear of stories of how the person helping somehow, always gets caught up and killed, kidnapped or gets hurt? Perhaps because media has us terrified, that we don’t dare? We can hand out a dollar from our window crack as we are driving to a homeless person, but we fear being near them face to face. These people are human, so why treat them like they are savages. Maybe that word is too much, but how people look at them, trust that is the word that comes to mind.

-Note To Self

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