Siblings are raised in the same home, under the same parents, under the same rules, under the same circumstances. So what makes us take different views on the world, and live so differently? It all comes down to the choices we make, who we choose to listen to, who we choose to hang around, who we choose to tolerate. I chose positive people to make a positive mark in my life, from elementary teachers that will never know how influential they were. To friends and other adults through out life, their positive outlook and way of living allowed me to see there was more, and I wanted that more. I wanted joy, I wanted my happy ending. Where I choose to make the best out of where and what I have in life. And not allow my self to wallow in the past, and feel sorry for myself, or put blame others for it. I chose to let go, I chose to be happy. I chose my yesterday, today, and I will choose my tomorrow. Life is lived once, so why live it miserably, why not enjoy in harmony and peace.

– Note To Self

7 thoughts on “:(: You Decide

  1. This is my biggest fear as a parent. My brothers were raised exactly like me but they are so very different, sometimes to a dangerous degree. It’s terrifying as a parent to know that no matter how much good I teach my daughter, I can’t control how she turns out.

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