My addiction is coffee like many others out there, no matter how much I try to stop, I just can’t, more like don’t want to really. There is something about brewed coffee bean fragrance, that brings an overwhelming feeling of relaxation. Then when you are holding that warm coffee mug in-between your hands. Or that first sip, where it is hot enough that burns your lips and tongue just a bit, like a quick sting, yet not hot enough that you can allow it to trespass your throat into your body delivering warmth and joy in one swift blow. How can I truly want to give up such a beautiful addiction, it gets me through my day with an abundance of energy and a skip in my step. This is my morning dose, what is yours?

-Note To Self

7 thoughts on “Morning Dose

  1. I am so with you on this – there is no way I can start my day without my two cups of coffee! I love my morning coffees, sin cafe no hay manana as they say in Spanish. I don’t know if I’m addicted to coffee or caffeine, I don’t want to try to live without it. But having given up addictions to cocaine, alcohol, bulimia, shopping, OCD and more I think my little indulgence of 2 cups of coffee in the morning is something I can live with!

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