Just finished writing an essay for my homework assignment and it got me thinking, one of the elements was loneliness. What brings Loneliness?, we have such a  variety of technology, so many ways to reach out. What is the main issue, of why people feel that way, that they can’t reach out and communicate, whether it’s family, friends or social media. Perhaps is that we tend to listen only to respond and give our opinion on the matter. Perhaps we tend to interrupt a persons thoughts, and they no longer feel safe to continue the conversation. This leaving them with unsaid words on their minds and replaying them over and over. We all have a story to tell, yet no one wants to sit and truly listen to understand. Perhaps that is the source of loneliness, perhaps I’m wrong, but these are my thoughts on this. So make it your goal this week to pause, listen to a friend, listen to a neighbor, do not interrupt, to not tell them what you would do in their situation, just listen and try to understand them and their feelings. Have a wonderful Monday and Hope your week stays positive.

– Note To Self   


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