“One thing I have learned from my friend, is that we are responsible for our own happiness, regardless of what other people have to say and at the end, everything turns out for the good” This is something a dear friend of mine posted on her Instagram after I traveled down south last year to visit. To have read these words I felt  joy, to know that this is how she felt about me. That even though many of my choices were unorthodox, not something that is done, that I somehow managed to pursue my happiness. I could have stayed where I was, in the relationship I was in, and be miserable thinking that was my only choice, but it wasn’t and isn’t. My actions and choices have motivated the people around me,to see them rather then just hearing about them. So thankyou dear friend for allowing me to see how you have viewed me, and in the most positive way too. Glad I could have that kind of impact and hope I can keep it going.

-Note To Self

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