A wife’s duties, who else does or encourages your partners hobbies? If so what are they? Do you actually part take in it? or just sit there with phone in hand? My husbands is football, and his team since I can remember has been the Chiefs. Today is playoffs and his team is playing, but he is stuck at work and asked for my boys and I to get geared up for him and keep dabs on the game.. No I don’t know much about the game though. sorry, so don’t ask..


25 thoughts on “Do You?

  1. A woman’s job is never done it seems we can always find something to do, I think it’s so important for our men to have hobbies. I support any hobbies or interest he comes up with no matter how much I dislike I don’t understand.

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      1. Encouragement helps too, any interest shown in anything I make a point to encourage learning more or trying it out. Last thing I need is a grumpy old man with no hobbies bugging me. Helps them live longer more fulfilled lives.


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