What can I say, this body, my body, has a strength I never knew existed.This body has given birth to three boys, has breast fed three boys, has carried three boys, has rocked and patted three boys. Its had to endure sleepless nights, numbing arms, and hormonal changes. Motherhood has left its scars to remind me of the pain and beauty of it. I could stare at my body and feel utter disgust, but I can’t. I remind my self this body is the image of strength I can endure. That despite its battle scars it is loved  and lusted by my husband. That it is admired and envied at times. That it’s a blessing to have a body functioning correctly, all in its right places,  and in good health. There are times when I will look and turn away, I am human. But I have more days where I am proud of it. Love it, Love yourself.

-Note To Self


P.S.  Can you tell  I like coffee 🙂

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