Have you ever had a guest come over and bring someone that you didn’t quite enjoy their presence? Did you have to greet them with kind courtesy, and ask if they wanted a beverage? Did you have to sit across from them and pretend to find their conversation interesting? Did you have to endure the long, dull hour, until you could feel relief and joy, knowing that they were leaving. That is what anxiety feels like at times, like an unwanted guest. How you have to deal with its presence and suffer the most unpleasant moment of your day. And the relief you get, knowing that it’s departure is soon. That once it is gone, you can continue your day, try to shake it off, that painful and tedious moment. That after it is gone, somehow you have to obliterate that most unwanted event. That somehow you have to ignore it, and go about your day as if nothing negative attacked you. How you have to look at your day from a positive perspective, because wallowing is not in your nature. Because self pity, does not exist in your conscious. That is my unwanted guest.

-Note To Self


7 thoughts on “Unwanted Guest

  1. That guest can cause you to cry, feel sick and dizzy. They invite themselves at your most vulnerable. They jump out at you when you do not expect. They know your past and bring up all the bad parts, they mock you and laugh at you when you are down. They don care who is around and will chase you when you run!

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