I am stuck reading The Great Gatsby, I was told the book is different to the movie. That Gatsby was described as a  well featured man with taste and style. Even though Leo is a great actor, his face structure was too feminine for the roll. I guess I can make my own judgment, after I’m done reading it. If you’ve read it, what were your thoughts of it? and the comparison to the movie version of it?

11 thoughts on “Reading Time

  1. I have started the book, but didn’t finish it. I loved the film. Having not read the book all the way I can’t nudge Leo, but I think.he is a great actor and it was a great film. I enjoy Baz Luhrmans mix of music. I have the soundtrack too.


  2. The Great Gatsby is my favorite. I do suggest watching both movies (old and new) because I feel like they are both very different. I read the book my sophomore year of high school. Absolutely loved it. Pay attention to small details. The newest movie is my favorite but that just may be because Leonardo is my favorite actor. Enjoy! Either way, it’s an amazing book.


  3. My initial thoughts on The Great Gatsby differ immensely having accepted its significance rather than how it appeared after I first read it. What the book stands for as opposed to passively reading it is far more enjoyable. As for the film, I feel Baz Luhrmann really captured what Fitzgerald aimed for in themes. What I would recommend is to read the book and if you don’t get it or enjoy it, don’t give up. It is a work of art, so watch the film or look further into its analysis. 🙂

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