As I opened my door, instantly I felt the cold breeze of the morning air hit my face. It felt amazing, like an instant wake up call from mother nature, letting me know winter has arrived. As I was walking, I looked at the ground, and saw the grass and leaves white from the mornings frost. In the valley we don’t get snow, so to see the ground white, almost felt magical , as if we had snow. I bent down to look closer at the frost, and as I looked, I stared at this dull leaf, that somehow with the frost biting into it, it looked mythical. The way it sparkled, as if it was covered by a thousand diamonds or washed in glitter. The beauty to it, made me appreciate mother nature in that moment, of how it can take something dead and lifeless, and make it look magical. I wonder if it’s like that with Hearts, after they are broken, that given the right light, the right coverage, the right amount of love. It can sparkle and shine with such beauty and vivacity. Forgetting that it had fallen, forget that it was detached and no longer the same vivid leaf standing with the rest. That somehow with the cold frost biting into, it makes it shimmer, so that it forgets the pain, the loneliness, the neglect. But rather receives; admiration, love, sympathy, touch, cherished, treasured even. In that moment, I felt a slight jealous sensation towards its delicacy, and yet apologetic for only admiring it for a brief moment.

-Note To Self

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