Moments like these, are the ones that remind me of the affection I have for you. As I lay next to you, with my head on your side, my head tucking under your arm. You caress my arm softly with your fingers, and I grip onto your arm, feeling secure. Knowing I am under your protection and I have nothing to fear. You are like a tamed lion, but only to me. The world gets the animal side of you, while I enjoy the tamed you, the side that no one gets to have but me. This gentle and needing side of you. You roar all day, putting your vicious personality, but like all tamed animals, the weakness to you is me. And you are my weakness. In these moments we put our guards down and in twine in each other. No one to bother, no one to disturb this peaceful moment. Reality fades and forget what is going around us, forget the chaos, but blissfully invite this moment. These moments bring me back into what people believe is the idealism of love and romance. They are rare, but they are ours. And I am at peace tucked under your arm, only focusing on the sensation your gentle touch sends through out my body. You are mine and I am yours.

                  -Note To Self

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